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Our new (2014) website allows each Staff member to access and change various parts of the website. When you need ASSISTANCE, please feel free to contact either the Webmaster and/or Web Assistant (via email, phone or in person).

Christine and Charlie are entirely willing to help with any aspect of the website, time permitting. Let us know your questions, concerns or needs and we'll do our best to assist you.

Aside from making changes, it is IMPORTANT to let us know each time you make any changes to the website. (See instructions below.) You are responsible for notifying us for every update or addition, without exception.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!


 1.  All website changes and/or addtions should be emailed, to the Webmaster, Web Assistant and Director of Communications:


IMPORTANT: All website-related email MUST (without exception) be cc:ed to Marilyn Clint.

 2.  Your SUBJECT line MUST reflect the item (update and/or addition). Be sure to start by indicating that this is a website-related email, please.


Subject: Website Update - Sponsor Logos for GFP

Subject: Website Addition - NEW Copy for Junior Parade page

Subject: website

Subject: made website changes

 3.  It is often helpful if you indicate DETAILS about what you have changed on a page.


I changed:

Sponsor logos for GFP.
Copy in the third paragraph of the Junior Parade page.

 4.  Please include the URL/link of each page changed.

It's generally easier for us to track if you include ONE web page per email, which would mean ONE URL per email.

EXAMPLE: If your item impacts one webpage, list the one URL:

If you are including changes for SEVERAL web pages, don't forget to include the URLs for each page:

 5.  When sending US your Copy (the text) for a web page you need help with, PLEASE send it in the BODY of an email in TEXT-ONLY format.

Do not send Copy as an attachment (Word, text or PDF)
Do not send HTML Copy
Do not Cut and Paste text directly from Word

If you're using Word to create your Copy:
Save in Plain Text format -- then close the document and re-open it BEFORE you cut and paste. If you don't follow these steps, we won't end up with TEXT-ONLY Copy from you.

If you're sending Copy given to you by a Sponsor:
Don't gack it directly from the email sent to you, because it's probably NOT in TEXT-ONLY format! Copy and paste it into Word, following the steps covered directly above.

 6.  Change your Word formatting SETTINGS (if necessary). Proper formatting is important -- and a big help!
See: Word - Turning Off Special Default Formatting

 7.  IMPORTANT REMINDER: For website purposes, please DON'T underline your text. In fact, remember that UNDERLINING always indicates a link -- even inside a PDF. Why? Because, yes, it's possible to have links inside documents!

 8.  If you have specific text that does need to be highlighted in some fashion (bolded, larger font, different color, etc.), feel free to EXPLAIN this in your email -- or phone us to explain. (Or even drop by our desks -- we'll be glad to see you!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you think your changes/additions need some explanation, it's always good to speak to us via phone or in person. Conversations are always a help to make things work the way we all want them to!

 9.  All images to be included need to be ATTACHED directly to the email. Please don't link images on the server, as some of this work is done outside the office.

Large images should be re-sized for website purposes. If you don't know how to re-size properly (to retain quality), please ask for a lesson on how this is done. Or see:

Check your CHEAT SHEET for the proper dimensions of photos, please.

The only image formats that can be used are: .jpg | .gif | .png
If you have a different format (such as .eps), you'll need to get the image in one of the above-listed formats, please.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're unable to change an image or nervous about it, contact us and discuss it. Many times we're fine doing the changes personally, so you don't have to!

10.  Any PDFs that need to be uploaded/linked should be ATTACHED directly to the email. (Do not send documents in Word format, please!)

Please be sure you're sending a compressed PDF for uploading. If you don't know how to compress a PDF, you'll need to learn. Really large PDFs are hard to upload -- and are difficult for visitors to our site to download and read.

11.  Any LINKS (URLs) that need to be included somewhere in the page should be SET OFF from the Copy -- with nothing else around it (no parenthesis or brackets, PLEASE). Be sure to include the FULL URL/link -- including http://.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Vestibulum venenatis. Pellentesque quis turpis sit amet lorem imperdiet iaculis. Nunc tempus metus eget velit. [*include link below here] Etiam ut nisi. Vestibulum vel urna.


12.  Be SURE (if you haven't done so before) to reference our TEXT STANDARDS:

If you have questions, feel free to ASK. (If you have a question about a specific guideline listed above, please reference the number.)

Thanks for YOUR cooperation and help!