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PRFF Text Standards

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Word 2007 - Turning Off Special Default Formatting

Using standards gives consitency and logic to work being produced. The following guidelines are not only appropriate for website Copy, but are good for use in other work being produced.

Be sure all SPECIAL FORMATTING has been turned off in Word (and Outlook).


 1.  Spacing after ALL punctuation:
Always SINGLE space. Always. (No exceptions.)

 2.  Please DON'T underline your text.
The new standard for UNDERLINING is that it ALWAYS indicates a link -- even inside a PDF or Word document (yes, it's possible to have links inside documents).

 3.  Use CARE in creating names:


Never leave SPACES in an image name. Please replace spaces with an underscore or a hyphen (dash) between words -- OR capitalize different words:




Start all file names with the full year (as in: 2013). Use a name that will make sense to others.


2013 GFP Full Committee Roster.xls
2013 Todd Johnston Bio Info.doc
2013 CityFair Committee List.pdf

 4.  Time:
10:00 a.m.

 5.  From one time to another time:
3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

[Note the spacing, please -- do not use the words 'through' or 'thru']

 6.  Telephone numbers:

 7.  Phone numbers with an extension:
503.227.2681 x115

[Do NOT use ( 503 ) around the first part of your phone number]

 8.  Dates:
June 7
June 7, 2008
Saturday, June 7, 2008

[Never use nd (such as 2nd) or th (such as 7th) in any date]

[Always spell out the month and the day of the week]

 9.  From one date to another date:
May 29 - June 8, 2011
Thursday, May 29 - Sunday, June 8, 2011

10.  Addresses:
City:  Spell it out (as in Portland)
State:  Spell it out (as in Oregon) or use the 2-digit format (as in OR)
Street abbreviations should be as follows:
   Boulevard should either be spelled out, or BLVD (no lower-case and no period)
   Street should be ST
   Avenue should be AVE
   Road should be spelled out or RD
   Circle should be spelled out or CIR
   Northwest (etc.) should be spelled out, or NW


Mary Smith
1234 Simple Simon AVE
Portland OR 97204

11.  ALWAYS avoid the use of ordinals, such as 3rd or 28th.

(Ordinals have text that rise above the baseline.)