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Website Cheat Sheet 2016 v1

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For event and sponsor logos, the width must be a fixed size in order to fit the page templates. (The height should be scaled to maintain the original ratio.)

To RESIZE images correctly, PLEASE reference: Resizing Images Smaller

NOTE: Never resize using HTML width and height! You MUST actually resize the image you're using.

Featured images must be 645 pixels wide. (Ideally, the height should be 200 pixels, but it can vary slightly. If a picture is too tall, it will fill the window and make the page too long.)

Sponsor logos: 200 pixels wide
Event logos: 250 pixels wide
Featured images: 645 pixels wide x 200-250 high
Home Touts: 226 x 168
RoZone Artists: 200 x 200
Homepage Slideshow: 1000 x 374


These are common HTML tags you'll use on the website.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Always enter Copy in Text view, NOT Visual view, when editing a page. If you're Copy/Pasting, be sure to select the entire code.

Header levels:

Note: H1 is automatically used for the text in the title box (purple banner at the top of a page).
Please do not use this in main copy.

H2 is the heading of a page -- it shows as larger, bold, red and centered.
<h2>Title Here</h2>

H3 is a subheading -- it shows as purple, bold and left justified.
<h3>Subheading Here</h3>

To make text bold:

<b>Add text here</b>

To make a bulleted list:

<li>First Item</li>
<li>Second item</li>

To add a call-out box:

Add text here

Note: Other tags, such as headings, can be used inside the box. For an example, see our mission statement here:

Forced Line Break:

To FORCE a Single Line Break (like hitting enter in Word):

Forced Blank Space:

To add a Forced Blank Space (like hitting enter twice):

To add a link:

<a href="your-link-goes-here" target="_blank">Link Text Goes Here</a>

Example: <a href="" target="_blank">CLICK HERE</a>

To add an email link:

<a href="mailto:info&#64; Line">Link Text Goes Here</a>

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALWAYS use &#64; instead of the @ symbol.

Example:<a href="mailto:info&#64; Opportunities">Email us</a>

To add a PDF:

 1.  Upload the PDF to the media library.

 2.  Add the link to your page using the Insert Media button and check that it shows in the following format:

<a href="" target="_blank">Link Text Appears Here</a>

Important Note: WordPress will automatically include the file path. You'll need to add the target="_blank" code to make the PDF open in a new tab/window. You'll also need to edit the link text that you want to show on the page.

Example: <a href="" target="_blank">Application</a>

Also note: PDFs can be included within a sentence.
See the <a href="" target="_blank">Chalet Row Flyer</a> for information about private seating opportunities.

What appears on the page:
See the Chalet Row Flyer for information about private seating opportunities.