Admin How To:
Phones - Setting the Auto Attendant for Shoretel

PLEASE NOTE: Charlie is able to do this from the back end of the phone system (logging into the phone server). That shouldn't prove necessary! For almost all purposes this can be done without using heavy technology.

This can be done from ANY phone. Phones inside the office, or your landline or cell phone at another location. This sets the message that will be heard when someone calls our office and no one is there to answer the call. That means at night when we're closed, but also during daytime hours when the receptionist/others are away from the phone -- or when they turn the phone off.


 1.  Pick up your receiver and dial 503.227.5459 (the back line).

 2.  When you hear a voice, press the # (pound) key.

 3.  You'll get a prompt asking for your extension number -- enter 111.

 4.  You'll be asked for your password, followed by # (pound) -- enter 1234 #.

 5.  You will hear:
To record an on-hours prompt, press 1
To record an off-hours prompt, press 2
To record a holiday prompt, press 3
To record a custom prompt, press 4

 6.  You will immediately hear "The current prompt is" --
And the existing message will play.

After the full message plays, you'll hear the following:

If your recording is correct, press # (pound)
To review, press 1
To re-record, press 2
To delete this recording, press 3
To cancel recording, press 4

Press 2 to record (follow the prompts as listed above).

 7.  Once you have the recording as you want it, you END by reviewing (pressing 1), then pressing # (pound) -- you can then hang up.

NOTE: You need to BE SURE the Reception phone (extension 300) is set up with the following message, which should remain unchanged:
"Please stay on the line to leave a message for our receptionist."

IMPORTANT: If you are setting HOLIDAY or CUSTOM messages, you will need the assistance of whomever (Charlie) manages the back end of the phones. Otherwise you'll need help from Inflow (who provides support for our phone system). Check with Charlie FIRST before going to Inflow. Their number is: 855.946.3569. We have an annual paid contract with them.