Admin How To:
Phones - Changing Scheduled Hours

The phone number for technical support at Inflow Communications, Inc. is: 503.575.7540

The main phone number for Inflow Communications, Inc. is: 503.575.7530


NOTE: To log in as the Administrator, first you have to be in the building -- or using Remote Desktop to access the office. (For security purposes, this is local-only access.)

 1.  Open Internet Explorer or any IE-type browser, and go to:

NOTE: You can NOT use Firefox as the browser.

 2.  Log in.

User ID: you know this

Password: you know this

 3.  Look under Administration. Go to Schedules.

You'll now see Schedules in the main window.

 4.  To change the hours, click the On-Hours link located UNDER Name (not the Add new link!).

 5.  To ADD hours to a day that is currently BLANK, click your cursor on a beginning time and then DRAG it downward. (Note: This doesn't need to be exact, as you can always edit it afterward.)

 6.  To EDIT a time, right-click on the blue area and select Edit.

A window will pop up that allows you to change the day of the week and the times.

 7.  When you've used the Edit feature to make tweaks/corrections, click the OK button.

 8.  The final step is to click Save at the top of the window.

 9.  To REMOVE a full day, right-click on the blue in that day and select Delete. This will empty any current hours there.