Admin How To:
Phones - Adding A New User

The phone number for technical support at Inflow Communications, Inc. is: 503.575.7540

The main phone number for Inflow Communications, Inc. is: 503.575.7530


NOTE: To log in as the Administrator, first you have to be in the building -- or using Remote Desktop to access the office. (For security purposes, this is local-only access.)

 1.  Open Internet Explorer or any IE-type browser, and go to:

NOTE: You can NOT use Firefox as the browser.

 2.  Log in.

User ID: you know this

Password: you know this

 3.  To see a list of your users, go to Administration > Users > Individual Users.

(Note: You can SORT by any given line, such as first name, or extension).

 4.  To add a New user, go to Administration > Users > Individual Users.

 5.  Click on a user who fits the PROFILE you want for the new user. (If you were setting up an Operator, you'd use a current Operator, etc.)

 6.  At the top of the page click the Copy -- this creates a copy of the user you're templating! Now you can change the details to fit the user.

 7.  If you want to VIEW another user so you can be sure you're proceeding correctly, go to the left-hand column and right-click on Individual Users -- then click on any given user to display.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll need the NUMBER from the BACK of the physical phone to add a user to that given phone! (You only need to know the last four digits of the 12-digit number.)

 8.  Next to Home Port, use the drop down to select the actual physical phone you are assigning to your user (if there is one).

 9.  We set up our Client User ID the same way as our computer/email IDs -- full first name and last initial. The same change needs to be made for Email Address (and other spot that includes email addresses).

10.  Save when you're done!