How To:
Photo Access Using SmugMug


IMPORTANT NOTE: Using the following instructions allows you to access photos and share them with others. If you feel you need Administrative control (to be able to upload photos, etc.), you'll need to speak to Rich Jarvis.

These instructions should NOT be shared with anyone else.

SmugMug access is for STAFF use (and selected partners as determined by Rich and/or the Communications Team) ONLY. Do not give these instructions to anyone else.

There is a Media Folder that Rich (and/or members of the Communications Team) will make available for generic media requests. If you receive such requests, these should be routed directly through Rich Jarvis.

Unless you feel you'll be using a photo numerous times, PLEASE DO NOT store it on the Server or your computer hard drive! The point of using SmugMug is to avoid taking up valuable space with images! All of the photos will remain permanently on SmugMug for future use.

The SmugMug system can handle multiple users at the same time -- you do not need to wait in line to use it!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Please remember to always LOG OUT after using SmugMug! (Logout is at the bottom of the screen.)

=To Use SmugMug=

 1.  Open your browser (usually this would be Firefox).

 2.  Go to the following URL:

 3.  In the upper right-hand corner you'll see Login. Click this. The Login window will open.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You'll be given the login information separately -- please keep it in a secure place where you can easily find it!

Enter the proper information.

Email: rosefestival
[NOTE: Enter rosefestival as one word.]
[REMEMBER: The password is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as given to you.]

For SECURITY purposes, do not select 'Keep me logged in.'

 4.  After entering the email/ID and password, click the LOGIN button. This will take you to the Galleries, where photos are located. These are listed by YEAR and event name (i.e. 2012 Grand Floral Walk or 2012 CityFair).

By scrolling down, you can see additional Galleries.

 5.  To open a gallery so you can search for photos, click on either the photo/thumbnail or gallery name -- both are links. (The photo/thumbnail will have an outline when hovered, the name will show underlining when hovered.)

Galleries open displaying a panel of 15 thumbnails on the left, with a preview screen on the right (with the photo shown larger).

 6.  To see any of the thumbnails larger, simply click on the thumbnail to make it display on the right.

Most galleries will contain more than 15 photos. Near the top of the page you should see: Page 1 of # -- and Next> >>

Clicking on Next > will go to the next page in order. Clicking on >> will go to the LAST page of the gallery. This is how you navigate pages inside the gallery you are viewing.

NOTE: Each gallery is a collection of all the contributing photographers for a given event. These are NOT broken down by individual photographer.

=To DOWNLOAD an Image/Photo=

[IMPORTANT NOTE: If you plan to download the photo to a jump drive or external hard drive, you MUST have this plugged in BEFORE you start the download procedure.]

First, you must have the photo you wish to download displaying on the right-hand side in the preview (large) area.

 1.  Hover that photo and a window will slide open from the right.

At the bottom of this column, you'll see an icon that is a file folder with a green arrow pointing inside it. This is the DOWNLOAD icon. Click it.

 2.  You'll get a popup window that reads Opening (name of photo). Select 'Save File' and click the OK button.

 3.  This opens another popup. You'll need to SELECT WHERE YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD your image/photo. Next to 'Save in:' you'll see a box with a dropdown option -- this allows you to navigate to whereever you want to put the image/photo. Or you can use the Up-One-Level icon (folder with green arrow pointing UP) to move from the default to other drives.

[NOTE: This will allow you to see all the normal drives -- including jump drives, if you have one CURRENTLY plugged in. You cannot plug in during the download process and still 'see' the jump drive or external hard drive.]

 4.  Once you've located the place where you want to save your image/photo, simply click the Save button to finish.

=Sending A Photo To Others=

You can send a LINK of a photo directly to someone WITHOUT HAVING TO DOWNLOAD (which allows you to avoid taking up room on our Server or your computer hard drive).

 1.  When you have the photo on the right (in the preview area), look at the very top area of the page. You'll see a Share dropdown button. When you click this, you'll be given several options. Highlight/select (in green) 'Get a Link' and click.

 2.  This takes you to the Get a Link window. For the FULL SIZE image, scroll down to X3Large and click the Copy button (which will immediately read Copied).

 3.  You now need to put this link somewhere to use (or keep) it. It can be pasted directly into an email (or into any computer document, such as a Word document).

When someone receives your email, they can click this link to go directly to the photo. They can now right-click and save the photo as they would any image available on the internet.

=Finishing Work at SmugMug=

Don't forget to LOG OUT when you're done using SmugMug! (Logout is at the bottom of the screen.)