How To:
Using Cloudmark DesktopOne SPAM Blocker

Please take time to read everything!

Cloudmark's DesktopOne is an amazing software that will help you to more easily control your SPAM! It's been successfully vetted over many months, and after you've used it for several weeks you should notice close to zero false positives. This means you'll be able to trust it to find SPAM -- but not catch the email you want to receive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As we've discussed many times, you will still need to schedule time to do regular maintenance of your email. This helps with SPAM, but will not help you to FILE your email, keep your Inbox (Sent and Deleted Items) low, or deal with LARGE emails (that need attachments removed and images stripped out).

Your best option is to deal with email on a DAILY BASIS. If you feel you can't do this, then you should actually schedule one hour a week to work on your email. Many of you will need far less time -- but some of you might need even more than an hour a week. Remember that managing your email is an important part of every job at the festival, and your discipline and efforts are appreciated, and essential.


Cloudmark DesktopOne is relatively simple to use. It creates a Spam folder that you should add to your Favorite Folders (if it's not already there from our installation and setup). IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE JUNK E-MAIL FOLDER. You'll still need to maintain both the Spam and Junk E-mail folders on a regular basis.

After you've opened Outlook (2007)...

IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER accidently DELETE your Spam folder!

 1.  To REVIEW the contents inside your Spam folder, go to your Favorite Folders (located near the top of the lefthand column of your Outlook under Mail). You should see the Spam folder in this short list of folders. IF IT ISN'T THERE: Go to Mail Folders (located near the top of the lefthand column of your Outlook under Mail) and scroll down to find the Spam folder (folders are alphabetical). Highlight the Spam folder, right-click and select Add to Favorite Folders.

 2.  Once you have selected the Spam folder, scroll down and review the contents (in the main area of Outlook). You're looking for false positives (REAL emails accidently marked as SPAM). Highlight real email and then use the Cloudmark toolbar (located with navigation at the top of the page, left) and click the Unblock button. (NOTE: This immediately MOVES the email back into your Inbox, unmarked. And it 'remembers' that it's now whitelisted.)

 3.  To remove the contents of your Spam folder, go to Edit (in the top navigation bar in Outlook) and then go to Select All -- this will highlight all the emails in the folder. Once you've done this, you can hit the Delete (X) key. This moves the contents of the Spam folder to your Deleted Items folder.

 4.  If you prefer (and IF you tend to keep Deleted Items either low or empty), then you can always go ahead and delete everything in Spam without checking -- and review it inside Deleted Items BEFORE you empty it.


Q 1: What should I do if Outlook starts to act strange -- and keeps asking me for my password over and over again?

Answer: CLOSE CLOUDMARK DESKTOP ONE (it's located in your Systray and looks like a blue 'eyeball' inside dark blue area -- right-click and select EXIT). Then close Outlook. Restart Outlook. If everything is working okay, then restart Cloudmark Desktop One. Sometimes it's necessary to do this start and restart proceedure to keep things running smoothly.

Q 2: What do I do if the Spam folder isn't showing in my Favorite Folders area in Outlook?

Answer: Look under Mail Folders in the righthand column. Scroll down until you find the Spam folder (folders are alphabetical). Right-click and select Add to Favorite Folders.

Q 3: What folders SHOULD I see in my Favorite Folders area?

Answer: Here's a list of what we add there by default:
Sent Items
Deleted Items
Junk E-mail
(You can add more, if you wish)

(NOTE: Do NOT delete your 0-SORT! folder, please!!!)

Q 4: Do I still need to check my Junk E-mail folder?

Answer: YES!!! You should find that it has fewer items inside -- and that it's much more accurate than it used to be (a side effect of Cloudmark DesktopOne). When you've looked through it, right-click and select Empty "Junk Email" Folder.

Q 5: What do I do if I accidently DELETE my Spam folder?

Answer: Call (contact) Charlie IMMEDIATELY! Do NOT empty your Deleted Items folder!

Q 6: What if Cloudmark DesktopOne fails to catch a SPAM item?

Answer: Go to the Cloudmark toolbar (located above with the other navigational toolbars). Highlight the item in your Inbox, then click the Block button.

Q 7: What if Cloudmark DesktopOne has a false positive (marks a real email as SPAM)?

Answer: Go to the Cloudmark toolbar (located above with the other navigational toolbars). Highlight the item in your Inbox, then click the Unblock button.

That's it! If you have additional questions, please let us know.